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SPSS seminar: individual training

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SPSS seminar: Individual training
Individual training offers you the opportunity to meet your personal requirements for data analysis in a very targeted manner. In the case of individual training, the contents of the course are compiled and adapted based on your wishes.
In contrast to the other SPSS seminars, there are no special requirements. The individual training is aimed at anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the basics of data analysis or deepen their knowledge. Employees from companies, research, universities and private individuals are cordially invited to take part in this training.
The duration of the training will be adjusted according to your needs and schedule. However, it is recommended to allocate at least one day for the training to get a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of data analysis.
As with all training, course material is made available for continued access and learning after the course.
Book your individual training now and get professional support from Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko.
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Meet your unique data analysis needs with customized training. Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko offers you individual SPSS training tailored to your needs. Become an expert in data analysis and statistics.
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