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As always, your analysis is crystal clear and timely. I do not understand why there is not a federal law mandating that you be the only one in the country to perform statistical analysis :)
When I get to the paper submission stage I will contact you for whatever more work you suggest be done for the editor.
Thanks again!

Best regards.

Thank you for the analysis and results. I appreciate your professionalism, and your thoroughness.
I communicated with at least six different local and internet statisticians, and even though one wasn't cheaper, overall, your experiences and your attention to detail that I saw from the quote you sent to me, confirmed to me that I should utilize your services.  I will recommend you to other graduate students in my cohort that are considering hiring a statistician, and I know I will contact you again in the near future for other assistance.
Thank you again for your assistance and we will be in touch!


Dear Studio Leonardo,
I would like to thank you for all your support. 
My dream will come true because of you. You are a very reliable and amazing person, no doubt about that. If I need any help I not hesitate to contact you. I have informed and spoken highly to my colleagues about you. 
Kind regards
Richard M.

You are outstanding! 
You are very easy to communicate with and respond extremely quickly. Everyone who works with you can see that you are very knowledgeable in your field - an expert. You have made my life tremendously easier. 
Money well spent. 
My expectations were not only met, but were beyond exceeded. 
I am forever grateful!! 
Gary H. Wilson

I was hopelessly looking for assistance with my dissertation after having a bad experience with another company (they were unreliable and unprofessional) I interviewed a number of businesses where both an editor and statistician were offered and found Statistical Agency. 
The statistician and editor I worked with were both amazing. They were experts in their craft as well as supportive throughout the process. They were both fast to respond to questions and upfront about costs. I very much wish I found them sooner as they are great with deadlines and checking in with me about my own deadlines. Lastly, I will be defending my dissertation research with the help of my statistician who will ensure I am prepared to explain all my data. This is a one-stop shop. 
I highly recommend Statistical Agency, Studio Leonardo for anyone working on his or her dissertation.

Jacquelyn A., 
Pacifica Graduate Institute

Brilliant, just what I needed.

Researcher, Ana G.B.,  
St. Mark's Hospital,

My Statistical Agency - Studio Leonardo consultant ...
... was my "statistical mentor" for my online faculty and student surveys sent to over 100 undergraduate writing programs at diverse institutions. She provided invaluable assistance in helping me refine my survey questions so that they would read more professionally and produce findings that would be valid and convincing. 
... my consultant also helped me understand the implications of my survey’s findings so that I would not understate nor overstate them. I consider (my consultant) an extremely valuable resource to graduate students engaged in analytical research projects that achieve high confidence ratings and are replicable. Every graduate student or professor engaged in research that I have talk with appreciates my consultant's expertise and her abilities to help students succeed. We are fortunate to have her and Statistical Agency

Sarah, a Doctoral Student

Hello Leo,

This work is wonderful! You have truly gone above and beyond what I had thought you would do. I am truly impressed by your statistical analysis.
Thank you so much for your fine services. I can assure you that our research relationship will continue.


I just wanted to say thank-you so much for your help with my thesis. 
Every step of the way you were professional, efficient, and completed the work within the narrow time-frame I asked. If I didn't have your help I know that I wouldn't have been able to complete it on time. 
Not only was your work impeccable, but you were also able to give me clear explanations about the decisions you made. I would highly recommend your service to anyone who is having trouble with stats. Not only will you receive first-class help, but you will also gain a better understanding of the decision-making process specific to your analysis. It was money well-spent, and I would happily spend it again if I found myself in the same situation. 

Thanks again Leonardo, 
I can't recommend you highly enough. 

A very happy student. Cindy D.

Leonardo provided indispensible assistance to me with the statistical analyses required to finish my dissertation research. He instantly grasped the goals of the research design and explained in an understandable fashion how the statistical analyses should be structured to support those goals. His work was impeccable in every respect; he provided thorough, accurate finished products very promptly and his fees were quite reasonable. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of statistics expertise.

Omar Wayne, a Psychiatrist

The service provided by Studio Leonardo - Statistical Agency was excellent, he advised me on the best way to present and analyse my data and came back with a comprehensive report within a few days. 
The work he did was extremely good value and of a very high standard, I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone struggling with statistical analysis.

Mildred, HR Manager, 
Multi National Chemical Company.

I wanted to personally thank Studio Leonardo (Statistical Academy) and its staff for the tutoring services you have supplied for me through my experience in graduate school. I now have a better understanding of educational research with the help of Studio Leonardo (Statistical Academy). With the assistance of the staff at Studio Leonardo (Statistical Academy), I am also able to have a better understanding of research methods. To Studio Leonardo (Statistical Academy) and its staff, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your services are incredible and I would recommend Studio Leonardo (Statistical Academy) to any persons interested in tutoring and any other statistical interests.

Michele Simmons, PhD

University of North Texas

Statistical Agency

I must command you for the outstanding job on my PhD dissertation. Your knowledge and expertise has made me a returning customer.
Also I really appreciate you working with my budget restrictions.


Thanks, Leo,

I read through my dissertation and I'm exceptionally pleased with all you did. You have helped me understand the results and how to explain them. I'm pleased to find out that my dissertation adds to the body of knowledge.
I will keep you updated and will surely recommend you to anyone in need of your services.
A thousand thanks!

Hello Leo,

I am so impressed with the quality of work. 
I wish you could have shared in my excitement when I opened and reviewed the work. I leaped quite high and I'm no small chick. 
I have referred several friends to you and hopefully you will be hearing from them soon. I will read the entire paper and get in touch if I have any questions. 
Thank you so very much.  

Kind regards
Richard M.

... thanks once again for such super work, ...
... you'll be at the top of my list the next time I need stats.

Consultant, Gary M.W., St. Mark's Hospital, Harrow.


I hope this email finds you doing well.  I am writing because I don't think I ever properly thanked you for the amazing work you did for me to help me finish my dissertation.  I am truly thankful.  I will be able to help many veterans and their families with the wellness clinic I will be opening in the summer.  
I would have sent a thank you card but it just didn't seem like it was enough. It hasn't come to me yet of what I can do, but I will do something special for you besides referrals.
You were a blessing to me and I thank you!

Statistical Agency's work on my dissertation went above and beyond my expectations. He was thorough, quick, always available, and the quality of his work was exceptional. What I absolutely admired about Leonardo is that he always took the time to explain everything in full detail (especially since statistics is not my forte) and he was honest and direct. My dissertation committee was highly impressed and I passed with flying colors. In fact, I passed with no modifications. I would recommend Statistical Agency - Studio Leonardo to anyone!

Jude, a Doctoral Student

Bio sam izgubljen u potrazi za pomoći sa mojom disertacijom, nakon lošeg iskustva s nekim drugim tvrtkama (bili su nepouzdani i neprofesionalni). Razgovarao sam s više tvrtki i pronašao Statistical Agency - Studio Leonardo.
Oni su bili pozitivno iznenađenje. Oni su stručnjaci u svom poslu, kao i podrške tijekom cijelog procesa. Svi su brzo odgovarali na pitanja. 
Drago bi mi bilo da sam ih pronašao puno prije.
Preporučujem statističkoj agenciji Studio Leonardo za svakoga tko radi na svojoj disertaciji.

Lijep pozdrav,
Ivan V.

I want everyone to know what kind of person you could work with.
That said, my experience with Leonardo is amazing! My statistical analysis that was needed for my dissertation was out of the ordinary. Not to say that your dissertation is not as complex or detailed as mine, but what I had to do was so detailed, long-lasting, and some of my committee members think that there are actually two or three dissertations in one. When I first asked Leonardo to look at his chapters and see if he could work with something like what I had to do, he said that. 
So I tell you, if you need help in your dissertation, he's going to the guy! It's not just for t-tests, ANOVA, but for complex statistical analysis. And trust me, you want it because you never know if your statistical data will have to change due to the requirement of basic assumptions. He makes adjustments and justifies your committee to see it. I want you the best with your dissertation and if you read this, that's because you need help. I recommend him 110% :)

Jacquelyn S.

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