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I can assist you with your statistics or data analysis project  Opširnije...

Survey Data Analysis

Survey Data Analysis is often believed to be some sort of ‘number crunching’. Though some number crunching is required for the analysis of Survey Data, but in real terms ‘Survey Data Analysis” is something less esoteric. The main purpose of data analysis is to explore hidden insights that can improve understanding and help in better decision making. Therefore, we can define “Survey Data Analysis” as a process of story telling using the survey results.

Feedback and Testimonials - The Statistical Consulting Services / The Statistics Consulting Center / The Statistical Collaboration Services - 18

You are outstanding! 
You are very easy to communicate with and respond extremely quickly. Everyone who works with you can see that you are very knowledgeable in your field - an expert. You have made my life tremendously easier. 
Money well spent. 
My expectations were not only met, but were beyond exceeded. 
I am forever grateful!! 
Gary H. Wilson

Mario Šimić ( SPSS advanced course)

Mario Šimić 


Snežana Pavlović ( SPSS advanced course)

Snežana Pavlović 


How to get started?

How to get started?

How to get started?

I quote all work on a per project basis so you know the exact amount you will pay for the whole project, no matter how long it will take to complete the initial work or how many questions or requests you may ask later on. I also offer free

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About Our Firm

about us

Studio Leonardo

The Statistical Agency

The Statistical Consulting & Collaboration Services

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The best reward I get is your success and satisfaction!           

Our mission - to find meaning, value and truth in data.

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Interesting about us

Septembar 02, 2017

Rates, Fees

There will be NO hidden fees or surprises along the way!
Septembar 04, 2017

Vision, Mission, Principles

To be leaders in making sophisticated statistical research methods available to and usable by scholars
Novembar 22, 2016


There will be NO hidden fees or surprises along the way!
Septembar 04, 2017


Pricing that makes sense for you.
Septembar 04, 2017

Confidentiality and Privacy

If you wish to tell other people that you are working with a statistical consultant, that is entirely your prerogative. 
Avgust 27, 2017


Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships by ensuring client satisfaction.  
Septembar 04, 2017

Copyright Notice

The Statistical Agency has copyright over this website and its content.
Septembar 04, 2017

Your Confidentiality and Rights

All communication, information, and data are dealt with as "Strictly Confidential".


Septembar 09, 2017

Doctoral dissertation - Body language - EXCEL and SPSS


Doctoral dissertation - Body language - EXCEL and SPSS

Septembar 09, 2017

Research Psychology - SPSS


Research  Psychology  - SPSS

Septembar 09, 2017

Master's dissertation / thesis - Pedagogy (SPSS)


Master's dissertation - Pedagogy (SPSS)

Oktobar 07, 2017

Regression Analysis


Regression Analysis

Our Team

Studio Leonardo - The Statistical Agency (The Statistical Consulting & Collaboration Services) is a company run by owner Leonardo Miljko providing freelance statistical consultancy in a wide range of areas. Our speciality is the application of statistics to medical research and clinical trials, but we are also experienced in the use of statistics in many other areas including finance, education, agriculture etc.

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Statistical methods

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